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Go ahead! Click on a flag if it looks interesting, jump to one of the countries above. I have explored more of the world than many, probably than most, but I have not explored nearly as much as I hope to. In the Americas, I have only been to the United States and Canada. I have been to Europe three times, centered around the UK, Italy, then Switzerland. Asia is the most recent addition, going first to Cambodia in 2006, then all over Southeast Asia in 2007 and 2008 during a year spent away from school travelling, living, working, and learning in Vietnam and Singapore. In the future, I will surely return to Singapore many times, as my wife is Singaporean.


From a young age, my parents brought me and my sister around the United States. I think that the first place that I flew was to California, at the age of about six weeks. Since then, I have explored both coasts, Hawai'i, and most of the Western United States. I have not traveled the Southeast, Northeast, or central plains of the United States very well. My favorite states are Colorado and Hawai'i, both of which are blessed with immense natural beauty.


The first time I left the United States, I departed for London, England, the place of my mother's birth. But, as she was born to US parents on a US military base, the UK is a place with no real family connection. We visited Paris as well as most of the UK on that trip. The next year we went to Italy and a few years later, we visited Switzerland.


I first traveled to Asia as part of a community service and leadership organization, the Southeast Asian Leadership Network. SEALNet took me to Cambodia and the next year to Vietnam. After the Vietnam project in June 2007, I traveled the region, then moved to Vietnam for a few months. I am currently living in Singapore and working along with my wife. After my year away, I'll return to school and complete my degree.


I have only been to Australia (and Hawai'i) in this region of the world. I hope to travel more here in the future and will be going to Sydney this summer. I may eventually settle in New Zealand, we'll see.

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