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Việt Nam


What to say about Vietnam, what to write and how to put it. . . Vietnam is so many things to me and to others. I lived in Vietnam for a total of 5 months and took in all that surrounded me. My grandfather was there for a total of 2 years and was probably nearly taken by the war several times. The life I lived in Vietnam is not the typical tale of an expatriate living wealthy and above the locals. Nor is it a tale of the English teacher, the hippie, the broken soldier, or the study abroad student. My tale in Vietnam is a story and a journey. It stretches from my grandfather's life to mine to many of my friends' lives.

As I mentioned, my grandfather served in the US Navy (and various US Special Forces) in Vietnam. The first time I ever heard of the country was when I was about 4 or 5. I asked him what his job was, what he had done before he retired. He said that he had fought in a war, a long war, a war that had lasted over 20 years. I couldn't believe him, I couldn't believe that any war could last 20 years. In most history books today, the Vietnam war seems to only last for about 8-10 years, depending on who is telling the story. But, in reality, it was a war that lasted "over 20 years" as my grandpa had told me all those years ago.

I guess everyone does whatever they do for a reason. But sometimes, the reason doesn't appear until after it is done.


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