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Crossing to Batam

One morning, as usual, Grace and I woke up and headed to use internet somewhere downtown. I turned on my computer, sipped my coffee, and surfed over to facebook and read my wall: "Daniel! I'm in Singapore! Call me." My friend, Mario, from Jakarta gave me his number in Singapore and we met up with him and his mother the next day at Vivo City. His mom invited us to come to Jakarta to visit. We thought about it for a day or two and then booked tickets while having coffee with Mario along Orchard.

Because of budget constraints, we decided to fly from Batam to Jakarta instead of from Singapore. The tickets were much cheaper and the journey there was vastly different. Starting from Harbourfront, Grace and I boarded the Penguin Ferry for Batam Centre. Upon arriving at Batam Centre, we looked for an ATM, then a cab and went to the airport. Mario met us in Jakarta with his car and driver and our Indonesian adventure had started.


After getting into Mario's car, we drove out to eat and then to the apartment his parents own in a building in Jakarta.

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